Learn the fundamentals of composition in this new four week course. We will examine some of the basic rules of composition and apply them with weekly assignments designed to help you begin to think critically about your images. You will learn how to use basic compositional considerations such as the rule of thirds, perspective, leading lines, depth, and framing to create visually interesting and strong images. Weekly discussions will help students understand how minor changes in the composition of an image can affect the mood of the image as well as the viewer’s perception. This course also includes several videos on composition and creating stronger images.

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Do your kids love peeking on the back of your LCD? Have they shown an interest in borrowing your camera? Do they like to take pics of their own on the iPhone? Whether they are 5 or 15, we know photography has become a part of your children’s lives. We’ve brought five photographers – who are also moms – together to develop accessible, kid-friendly instruction and activities that will give you an effective approach to begin sharing your love of photography with your children. Available now in the CMStore!